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Change of hairstyle

IMG_00177 copy

I  went to the hairdressers yesterday and finally had the courage to chop off my long locks. I took before and after pictures and my god what a difference!

IMG_00167 copy

Yes my hair was this long before believe it or not. It went over my bum covering it completely. Not that my hair is naturally curly. This was only because I had braids in my hair, the day before, so my hair was extremely curly the next day. This does make my hair look shorter because of the curls though but I think you kind of get the idea of how long my hair actually was.


The curls in my hair show a real big difference. Don’t you think? Even my sister said that I look more mature with straightened hair which I never intend to do as it takes forever. My hair was both thick and long, making it not that easy for me to straighten my hair, in just a few minutes. It still isn’t that easy for me but at least it is way quicker now. I actually like the idea of straightened hair and might even start to try it out.

IMG_00163 copy

Look at my hair at the picture above. It is hard to think that I had all of that hair. It just suddenly feels like it was never there. The weight that has been lifted off my shoulders feels absolutely amazing. Even yesterday when I washed my hair. Instead of spending about 20 min only washing and conditioning my hair, I only spend about 10-5 min which felt so incredible.

IMG_00179 copy

Doesn’t this look so much nicer and matured. Yes I loved my long hair but now that that weight has been lifted off my shoulders it feels so much better.

IMG_00166 copy

I have mentioned before that I am a Sikh and therefore cutting your hair isn’t allowed in our religion. I am not saying that I am not a strong believer because I am . It is such a beautiful religion. I know that I am not the perfect Sikh just yet but I do know that I will be some day. ‘Sikh’ even means to learn. Being a Sikh is to learn form your mistakes and then correcting them. I think this is what made me stop to cut my hair however after a very long discussion with my mum she convinced me.

She said to me before becoming a Sikh or converting to any other religion first become a good human being which was exactly what our 1st Guruji said. Now I am not going to write a whole essay on how to do this but I think you get the point.

hair02 copy

Also after I came back from the salon, I realised that I cut about 1 foot off my hair which is quite hard to think and for me to realise, how long my hair actually was. I had my hair layered and feathered because that way my hair would have been even lighter. The hairdresser used a range of different products on my hair. The shampoo that she used smelled incredible although asking her the name of it, I don’t remember what it was called now. Then she went on to use a syrum and some heatprotection from Moroccon Oil to blow dry and starighten my hair with a Cloud 9 hair starightner. Altoghter it must have taken her about 45 min which for me went really quick.

IMG_00186 copy

By the way the last time that I cut my hair off was about a year ago as I don’t like cutting my hair.

When did you last change of hairstyle?


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