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Good Morning

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First of all let me say Good Morning! It was quite a late night for me yesterday so it is a wonder that I woke up quite early this morning just to type this post.

Today I thought I will do some catching up and more of a personal type of post as I like doing them. Especially on Sundays 😉

The reason for going quite late to sleep yesterday was mainly because it was Raksha Bandhan. Now even though Sikhs are supposingly not supposed to celebrate this culture, we are Punjabi as well at the same time. Therefore we celebrated it from the Punjabi point of view. I may do a separate blogpost about it today or tomorrow but I am not to sure yet as I didn’t take a lot of pictures.

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Another reason is probably because, lately I have kind of been obsessed with watching Pll. I know that lot of people watch it and now I have finally discovered it why. Once you watch one serie you now just want to know who A is. I have been watching it non-stop with my sister on Netflix and guess who stayed up really late yesterday just to watch a few more episodes.

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Other than that I would say the thing that I yet did not want to mention, that school is starting next week. This means exactly 1 week of holidays left for me and then the hard work begins again. Waking up early, stress of homework and you know the usual.

I can probably go on and on about another few things but then this blogpost would become to long so I will just finish it off.

When are you going back to school?


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