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Raksha Bandhan

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In yesterday’s post I mentioned that we celebrated Raksha Bandhan on Saturday so today I wanted to share some of the pictures that I took. Don’t worry I am not going to bombard you with a lot of pictures because to tell you the truth I only took a few.

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The Hindus believe that Raksha bandhan is to celebrate the love and duty between brothers and sisters which is accomplished by a sacred thread. Raksha actually means ‘to protect’ in Sanskrit.

Sikhs have been celebrating this as well from a long time as it kind of merged into Sikhism, from the Hinduism over a long time as well. Until recently a lot of (I would say ‘strict’) Sikhs have started to go against this. This is mostly the case because Sikhs don’t believe in superstition and the thread that you tie around your brother’s pulse is thought to be sacred thread of protection with the love that the sister has for her brother. By this I mean that when the sister will be in trouble the brother will come to the rescue and help her. However again this is very superstitious. Obviously the brother will not suddenly have a dream about his sister being in trouble or something like that.

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We still celebrated Raksha Bandhan. Not because of the superstition part of it but mainly because of the brotherly and sister relationship. If you ask me I see it more as a ritual to remind us about the brother and sister relationship. I know that a lot of Sikhs would still be against this. However I see as an act of love that a brother and sister have for one and another rather than the superstition part of it. I am pretty sure that the thread doesn’t hold any magical powers.

Other than that we had a lovely day where all the family came together. I think that the last guests to leave were actually the next day.
Anyways speak soon xxxJazz

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