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Tumblr Inspiration

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Recently I have been more and more on Tumblr. If you follow me you would have noticed my feed getting more and more pictures everyday. If you don’t follow me then click here. There are so many pretty pictures on there so I thought about doing a different kind of post today. A post that involves to choose a picture from tumblr and then take the same type of picture in a similar style.

I had so much fun doing this. Such as messing with make-up and even my hair. I hope you like it!

tumblr01IMG_0061 copy


These pictures were take before I had my hair cut. I wish I waited before taking the pictures as then this picture would have looked much more similar. About the picture that I took, my sister said that I look completely different. It is probably because I don’t really wear make-up that often.

tumblr02IMG_0040 copy




Again I wish I had waited to take this picture but other than the hair I think that everything else is spot on. Even the pose haha. You may be able to see it but I am wearing bronzer which I though really gave some ‘definition’ to my face. What do think?


IMG_0049 copy





It is harder than you think to make your bed messy. It took me forever tor try and  recreate this. I still managed to get it a bit similar. The angle  of the picture though is not from the right bit though.


IMG_0045 copy




Firstly let me say that I am ‘posing’ the opposite way. Secondly my camera didn’t really want to work with me that day so the fringe at the bottom of my top just didn’t seem to stay in focus. Other than that I really like the outcome of this picture as well.

Of course I am not going to have the exact same clothes or backgrounds. Although I think that I am getting the main message of my pictures across (Hopefully).

Do you have Tumblr if yes then I would love to check it out xxxJazz

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