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10 reasons for why I am looking forward to Autumn


Now that I am laying sick in my bed it has actually started to occur to me that I am really looking forward to Autumn. Even though having the cold is one of my least favourite things of the arrival of the cold weather, there are still more reasons to look forward to for fall. Today I am just listing a few.

Snuggle up in ma bed

I like those lazy mornings when it is just too cold to get out of my bed. Instead I like to snuggle up in my bed with a cosy blanket and just layers of it. I bought a red blanket from IKEA a few months ago which will come really handy now. Recently I have also changed my bed clothes to cotton which is so much cosier now.

IMG_0049 copy

Hot Drinks

I don’t actually know wether I prefer hot drinks or cold drinks. Both are my favourite. I just have it all but for the Autumn time, let me just tell you how big of a tea fan I am. Especially Indian tea. I have at least 3 cups a day. Other than that we can finally have a lot let’s just say a loooooot of hot chocolates. Don’t forget the marshmallows and cream. That is just the finishing touch to a hot chocolate. My favourite place to hang out at is then obviously Costa. Not Starbucks that much as I prefer their cold drinks more. Also coffee shops are just so cosy to hang out at although I am not really a coffee fan. I know the odd one out that doesn’t really like coffee…


I am a massive jumper fan. At least a quarter of my wardrobe exists out of jumpers. They can be styled in so many ways. I just love them. Especially the combination of jumpers with skirts or statement necklaces or… There are just to many ways. Maybe I will do a post soon or something like that on my blog.

I also love lazy mornings with oversized jumper. Autumn is all about coziness no matter how you look. Wether you have those messy buns or ugly jumpers. I love it!


Warm Showers

Now I could have said warm baths but I prefer showers more. I will confess that I do stay longer in showers when the cold weather arrives. It is just so hard to get out of them. I love having long warm showers on cold days just before I go to bed. I hate having showers in the morning. I prefer to have a warm shower in the evening before I snuggle up under my duvets.

Cakes and baking

I love baking especially cupcakes or just any cakes. My specialities are spongecakes, lemon cakes or just a really chocolatey cake with a warm cup of tea. Just the thought of it gives me a really good feeling. We do tend to eat more during the colder months but we all deserve it after having endless salads in the Summer time.
Another thing that I love is, when we are out and about, we just tend to nip to Costa or a coffee shop just to grab food. I love coffee shop’s cakes and muffins and A lot of their food haha. Their food tend to be so much fresher than Mcdonalds or any other fast food company and therefore healthier as well.


Early mornings

Ok I have to admit I am not the one that stays in bed for hours without getting up. No, to tell you the truth I do like lazy mornings but that would only be once in a while. You know when I am treating myself to longer hours of sleep. Other than that my alarm clock would go off at 6.15 and I will easily get up. Maybe it will take me up to 10 min (because it is too cold in the house) but I will get up. I would go downstairs make myself a cuppa and then turn my Mac on and start reading blogs or writing blogposts. It just makes me happy to start doing work early on. I don’t know why but it does. Just with my warm cup of tea and then going onto bloglovin or something like that. It just makes me happy. Especially in the Autumn time because of those dark mornings with beautiful sunrises.

Capturing the beauty

Every year I learn more and more about my camera. Even though I am going to have it for 3 years now! (Say whut? By the way the anniversary is in Autumn haha) I would have not know what to do without it. It is literally one of my best buddies. Capturing the beauty of Autumn is therefore also something that I look forward to for this reason. Although I know that Autumn will bring more rain than any other season, it will also bring the colourful leaves which are absolutely beautiful to take pictures of.


Layers and Layers

Yes any other blogger would say this and even I have to admit to this that I am a very big fan of layering. I absolutely love it. It is one of my favourite thing as I love styling clothes. In the Summer time it is normally just one piece while in the Autumn you can play around with a variety of clothes but as well as with the accessories. One thing that you will be see me wearing non-stop are my scarves. It’s kind of hard for me to let go of them when Summer arrives. I would literarly wear them till the month of May, that is how much I love them. So let me just warn you how much you will see me wearing my scarves.


The colours

I love the colours of the season Autumn. The dark mustered yellow, navy blue and dark green but also burgandy which will be a key trend for this season. I have been seeing burgundy and reds everywhere. So I would say invest in some really good pieces in those colours. Urban outfitters is currently doing some really cute burgundy suede skirts which are definitely on my wish list.

Those long walks

Although it is not something that I would do everyday, it is still something that I enjoy. Having long walks of quietness, just on my own. Where you can only feel the presence of your breath and nothing else. Just having those morning walks.

We also have a forest near to us. Where I live and we often go there in the Autumn time to just walk around and let’s just say explore the beauty of the nature. It is just so relaxing.

So these were just a few of the reasons, all summed up in one blogpost. I still haven’t managed to cover all the points but I did try to include all the main things.

What is your favourte thing about Autumn?


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