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The Graze Box


I have already mentioned a lot of times that I am a massive snack fan so when I heard about a special box that gets delivered to your house with actual healthy snacks in it instead of junk food snacks I just had to try it out.



When I opened the box it felt like I was warmly welcomed by a lovely community. I think just the packaging of it really encouraged me to open up the box completely and try it out. It also made me very enthusiastic about it. It also probably because I get really excited when a package is send to me. You should see me how I open my packages for online clothes…



The box is divided into 4 separate sections, with each one type of snack in it. This was my first box and since I couldn’t decide which one to go for I went for the variety box which has about 129 different snacks. You wouldn’t therefore know which snack out of 129 you are getting but you can warn them of any allergies you have got so that is alright.

Also not every box has only 4 sections. They can have 5, 6 or even 12. They have something for everyone. If you are someone who loves their dips or someone that loves cakes and bakery (like me). For now I am sticking to the ‘variety box’ as I still have about 121 snacks to try .

They also do sharing boxes, special occasion boxes or even breakfast boxes. Of course they would differ from prize but most of them cost £3.99 and the delivery is free as well.


My favourite one was the one on the left. It simply took my attention by the word speculoos but also cinnamon. Two brilliant ingredients and top of it combined into a snack. Words can’t even describe how good this was. Click here

The white text written on the plastic also grabs your attention straight away. Every packaging has a different and unique design.

I also had the kern pops one. This was a perfect contrast as it was a bit more salty. Just to balance it a bit more out. Click here


Then another nutty one but this one had a bbq twist to it. Even though I am not a bit bbq fan I thought that this was quite alright. Still I think that I would have it again but only once in a blue moon. Click here

The last one was quite an odd one as I found it quite funny that they even gave you a thee bag with the lemon cake. Now I do like lemon cake but I don’t know why but I just didn’t seem to really like this one. The thee was also quite alright not something that I would have again as I still prefer my green on Indian thee far much better. Click here

When you don’t like something you can just simply go onto their website, login in with your login details and then choose between bin, try, like or love. This is also something that I like about it. For the last snack I did click on the bin but the others ones I clicked on either like or love. You can even choose to click on ‘send soon’ if you would like it to be send soon again which I did for the speculoos one haha


I had my second box last week and can’t wait for this weeks. The thing that excites me the most is that I don’t know what is being send so it is always a surprise and I like surprises.

Have you ever tried a Graze box?


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