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Scottish Scarf

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Today another outfit. I have been trying to do more of them as I kind of scraped them in the Summer. Probably because most of the days I was just at home in my most comfortable clothes which weren’t really outfit-pictures worthy. Any who since I have been wearing more ‘fancy’ clothes at school it has really encouraged me to take more outfit pictures.

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This post was first only going to be about the scarf that I am wearing. In which I was going to show you my only Scottish souvenir. However then I thought, why not do an outfit post as I haven’t done that in a while.

Believe it or not but the weather has really cooled down. With an oke Summer this year, I normally expect September to be quite warm but unfortunately even that wasn’t the case this year. Anyways that doesn’t really matter as that way Autumn has just kind of arrived a little bit earlier this year. So before you start thinking why that weirdo is wearing a scarf and a jumper while it is still Summer, this is the reason for that.

Have you started to wear scarves as well?


Duster coat- Divadames

Trousers- Primark

Boots- Divadames

Jumper- Forever21

Watch- New Look

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