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Muji Pen

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I bought this pen a few weeks ago when I went school shopping. It is just so amazing that it was even worth taking the time out and writing a post about it.

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Muji is a Japanese shop which I myself have never actually heard of before but when I saw the store a few weeks ago we decided to go in and have a look. When we got in we were under the steam of a large aroma diffuser which took your attention straight away. Still I wasn’t sure what they were exactly selling as they had a whole range of things within the store. The top department had more stationary and bathroom products while the bottom department had clothes but also typical Japanese kitchen stencils which some of them were so cute. The name itself means no brand which I therefore thinks goes really well with the variety of products that they sell.

There was a bigger selection of pens at the top floor so we decided to look at the pens. When we discovered that you can actually rub your writing out with the back of the pen we were actually really amazed just like little children haha and straight away decided that we were definitely buying the pens.

I went for the black but my cousin for the blue. They also had different sizes for the pen but we went for 0.4 These pens can actually come really handy. One example could be that my sister uses it for maths because in maths you often make mistakes so she likes to use it then. I just use it whenever, and then secretly hope to make a mistake just so I can rub it with the backside…

When I went onto their website I even found out about the actual speciality of the pen. Such as it stops ink flowing in the wrong direction which can be the cause of breaks in the writing line and ink leakage. This is so useful since I like to write curly (if you know what I mean). Also the ink prevents it from leaking onto the next page. Although the colour of the pen is quite light than other pens. However this is probably because of the way the pen is designed.

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Other than the pens I also bought a white basic shirt in cotton material which I showed you in a haul a few weeks ago. Their clothes I would not say are fashionable as much but are rather the basics and also the type of clothes which are a must to invest in just like the white shirt.

They didn’t have the shirt that I had and the pen on their site but they are currently doing a discount on the 0.5 black gel ink pens. Click here to visit the site.

Have you ever visited the MUJI store?


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