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Autumn colours

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Now that fall is upon on us (today it is officially Autumn) I just had to start my fall blogposts. Today I wanted to talk about those Autumn colours that we need to to look out for the Autumn season. I have put together some Autumn staples that are a must for this season but colour coordinated them. I hope you have as much fun reading the post as much I had creating it.


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SkirtBoots SkirtShirtJeansDungaree

Burgundy is a colour that I just don’t seem to have in my wardrobe so for this season I really want to invest into some really good staple pieces. It is also a colour that will be the key colour for this Autumn. I have been loving the A-line skirt in this colour which is definitely on my wish list. Who says that chelsea boots can only be black. Maybe try to go a bit bolder with going for the burgundy colour this Autumn.



JumperTopGloves Skirt – Belt – Top

I am loving the combination of the colour suede and mustard. I personally find suede quite a challenge to wear. However the combination of mustard just seems to make it a bit better and easier to combine. This colour for the season has been mostly inspired by the retro 70s which I love so much. Let’s keep the 70s rolling with this colour.



Shirt ShirtCoatJumper Dress

Now this colour is something that I don’t really need to bother about as my wardrobe is full with blue. I have way to much blue items in my wardrobe. I may need to reduce the amount that I have haha.

Although look at the second shirt, in the middle left. Omg this shirt is definitely on my wish list. I think it is a suede type of material and on top of it is blue = a must for the season and my wardrobe!

Mud Green


SkirtTopSkirtTopJumper Purse

There are days that you feel a bit grey and to tell you the truth I reflect my mood through my clothes. Some days I just can’t be bothered as I am just depressed like any other ordinary girl however other days I am as happy as anything like today. I was in such a good mood that I was going to wear my bright peach coloured duster coat but my sister said that it is too bright so I just opted for my light pink one.

Anyways what I am trying to say is, on these grey days I like to wear these muddy greeny colours. I don’t know why but I just tend to end up in them.

What is your favourite Autumn colour?


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