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Striped Dress

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I took these pictures last week but only just managed to squeeze some time into my schedule to quickly edit them now. I wore the dress last week and my gosh I am in love. If I could I would wear this dress literarily everyday (a bit exaggerated haha) but that may be a bit hard as I enjoy coming up with new ideas to wear different items everyday.

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I have had this dress in my closet for quite a while now but never got around to wearing it. You know those pieces that you buy that you know you will wear some day but just not around the time that you buy. This was that kind of dress. I did wanted to wear it, however never really thought of it. Now that we have a smart dress code at school I thought about wearing it and omg I am in love.

It is so comfortable and very different than my other dresses that I wear such as first of it isn’t lace haha which is almost every dress that I have. Secondly it is a body con dress which basically sticks to. Something that I thought I would never wear but still somehow managed to get it into my closet. By the way this dress is from H&M

I didn’t have anytime to take outfit pictures fully so just decided to take the pictures inside.

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What do you think of the dress?


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