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5 Autumn staples


For every season there are just a few pieces that are a must. I know that they are just the basics sometimes like a jumper or something for autumn. However they still adapt and change every year. Today I have just a few pieces that are a must for this layering season.

First of all these shoes which have also been one of my favourite shoes. I would invest in some chic vintage brown ones. Black is also a great choice in these shoes if you find it hard to style them but I would still opt for the brown ones as they just add that classy touch to your outfit. They are also just the perfect colour shoes to wear in autumn. This year they seem to have the ‘heels’ as well which I have been loving. The perfect shoes for a tomboy like me…

IMG_0132_1 copy

As well as being a tomboy sometimes in the rare occasion even my girly side is revealed haha. This A-line skirt which I-Have-Been-Loving. They are so chic yet comfortable and easy to style. Although the disappointing thing of them can be that some are waaay to short which I am not to keen on. I am not into the leg showing part of it but more of the styling fashion part of it. So I would just keep an eye out for when buying them.

IMG_0145_1 copy

I think that a white shirt is just classy for any season. It just adds that chic-ness to every outfit and season. Also it is an easy option for when not knowing what to wear or when you want to wear something casual but look dressy at the same time. The white shirt is your answer. This bow tie just adds that little detail with which you can just finish your outfit with.

IMG_0140_1 copy

The turtlenecks which are very very very big this season. I already have way to many turtlenecks in my closet while we are not even halfway through autumn O wait it’s October are we halfway then?

Anyways I would say invest invest invest. With this I don’t mean you Have to buy it just because it is in fashion. No with which I disagree. You should buy whatever you like and not forcibly. The fun part of the turtlenecks is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes that there is a whole range to choose from ♥ .

IMG_0021_1 copy

Tartan isn’t as big as last year. Still the tartan scarves are still very much in. H&m, New look I have seen them in quite a few shops now but since I have already bought one from Scotland in the Summer time, I am resisting myself from buying another one. I think that these scarves add just the finishing fall touch to your outfit. This year they have more vibrant and a variety of colours which I love.

IMG_0135_1 copy


Now a trend that isn’t that new as it was already slightly passing by in the Summer. However autumn seems to pick up this trend and keep it. Suede which has literally been everywhere. It is that typical 70s trend which is here to stay. I wasn’t too keen on this trend at first and still wouldn’t go to overboard with it when styling it. However I do still quite like this trend and look forward to styling it in different ways.

What trend is your favourite?


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