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National Asian Wedding show Event

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When choosing out the pictures (as there were way to many to show you, to be precise at least 700 photos) it just got me so excited to share them with you. These pictures are so beautiful and you will literally fall in love with every single one of them!

The event started at 11.00 Although the opening was delayed by at least 20 min the show just fixed that disappointment. When entering the overly coloured hall it was just lights everywhere. Almost like there was a wedding taking place there right now haha. Of course me and my cousin jotted some things down for our wedding such as a Photo Booth which seems to be the latest thing to have at your wedding. We are still way too young to be booking things but it is never to late to start planning your wedding.

Before the show would actually start we had a look around the stalls and just had a wonder around. Some of the things I have to admit were incredible. The funny thing was that every time we walked by a stall the person asked right away ‘So who is getting married?’ and I was like ‘uhm I am actually here for my textile work…’. The conversation did end up in having a laugh rather than an awkward ending haha.

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Here is a picture of the catwalk before it got really busy. Luckily we went quite early resulting in us having seats. Before you know it, it became so crowdy just around it and way to busy to even walk out of the crowd.

IMG_0019 copy

The show started off with two host from the BBC Asian radio which have actually convinced me to listen to that radio as they were really entertaining.

After their talks for about 10 min the show actually really started. It was opened by the model underneath which I am assuming was the key model as she was also everywhere on the posters.

The first collection was in one type of colour and satin material. Except one girl who had pink. Each model had a different type of clothes from the Indian culture such as the Sari, Suit, Salwaar or lenga. Even those bengali clothes which I don’t know what they are called but they look so prettily layered. I liked this idea of merging the indian culture together into one main type of material and colour which started the show off. Even the Indian culture consist of different cultures within it such as Punjabi (which I am myself), Hindu, Bengali, Gujarati etc. There are just way to many different cultures but one thing that they all seem to have in common is wearing the colour red to a special occasion.

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IMG_0103 copy

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I will warn you that there will be a looooooooot of pictures and these are the ones that I have chosen out of the 700. That was quite the job. Anyways I hope you like my favourite picks that have really intricate details.

IMG_0210 copy




IMG_0158 copy

IMG_0168 copy

IMG_0280 copy


The gold and white piece on the left was stunning from the BiBi London collection.




IMG_0246 copy

IMG_0554 copy




IMG_0257 copy


IMG_0277 copy


IMG_0370 copy

IMG_0416 copy

The piece on the left was my favourite of them all. I don’t know exactly what it is about the piece that really pulls me, but I just really love it.

IMG_0456 copy

IMG_0475 copy

IMG_0494 copy


IMG_0602 copy

IMG_0660 copy


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IMG_0731 copy

IMG_0734 copy

There had to be an actress to represent the show haha

This is where the show ended which meant that I had to go . I was so gutted but of course before we went home I took a few outfit pictures. They will soon be on the blog when I get around to them.

IMG_0739 copy

IMG_0743 copy

After the show we had a final look around such as the ‘band’ above here. They played Hindu music in a classical way. That was just way to cool. Obviously we jotted their name down.

IMG_0748 copy

IMG_0750 copy

IMG_0751 copy

This is the last picture that I took before we left the event. It continued until 7.00 pm and maybe even later. The event took also place the next day with even more designers as well but I didn’t have as much time as the next day I would have been coming back home. But I got to say the show was incredible and I would love to come again. I already know that it is really going to help me with my textile which I am super excited about. This was the original reason for why I went. For my textile coursework. The work really inspired me and hopefully next year I will be able to go to the India Fashion Week as well. I couldn’t go this year but next I will hopefully make this happen.

Which look is your favourite?



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