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I baked Cake

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I didn’t know what sort of title this post should be called. So I just gave it the literate meaning for what the main concept of the blogpost was going to be about. Just simply making a cake and sharing the recipe with you

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I like these once in a while personal update posts. I can just kind of openly talk about what has been going on and what will be happening the next few weeks instead of keep sticking back to theme of the post, such as I will be going on a work-experience trip abroad. I will not mention where just yet but I can say I am pretty excited!

I baked cake! I think you know that by now. The original silly reason for this being is that a few months ago I made a bet with my cousin that on the day that I will reach 100 followers on Instagram I will bake you a cake as I literally thought this would never happen. Unexpectedly I don’t even know how fast this happened but it did. Before the Summer I hardly had 40 followers and now I have another 100. This is just insane. I just can’t imagine 100 people that just clicked on the follow button. Thank you so much if you did!
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The recipe for the cake is up onto the BBC GoodFood website. Click here

Talking about BBC. I don’t know wether you know or even heard about what is happening to the Sikhs in India. I could literally fall in tears. I have tried to keep it in but I know sooner or later it is all going to come out. BBC and just all of the Media has proved that there is no humanity left in this selfish world. With this I don’t mean to offend anybody as there are good people in this world too that have even supported the Sikhs. The media is more concerned with ISIS due to it being a threat to them or even how the celebrities are doing but no-one is brave enough to talk about the Genocide of the Sikhs that is happening in India.
The thing that really got to me was that even an old man was badly injured and still there is nothing about it in the news. At least respect the elders. It literarily broke my heart seeing and hearing about it. We have to sign a god damn petition in order to be heard! What kind of selfish society do we live in, in which the news can’t give us two minutes of their programme in order to tell the world what is happening (as the media is just not covering. There is even a complete media black out in India as well as in Britain about it) such as this morning in the Sunday Morning show. Also coincidently aired by the BBC. This just agers me and confuses me at the same time. It make me feel like we are not part of Britain and that we will never be. Even though we have been born and raised here.

I hope that even you will support this cause like a human being. Not as a any religious person.

Like our first Guru Ji said:

‘Before becoming a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim or a Sikh let us become Human first’
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Please click here to sign the petition.

Thank you very much.

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