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Favourite Fall nailpolishes

IMG_0251 copy

If you have been reading my blog for while, then you probably know that I put nail polishes on my nails that go with the season. I love this idea so today I thought I will show you some of my favourite fall nail polishes since we are in the Autumn season now. By the way excuse the white paint on my hand. I had textiles that day.

IMG_0252 copy

Now this colour isn’t black. On the pictures it looks quite maroon probably because of the lightning. Otherwise it just looks black. It is just a really dark maroon colour. I have been loving this nail polish especially because it stayed on my nails for a very long time. Being a busy bee this is one of the things that I like of these types of nail polishes so when my nails do start to chip, it will be one of my least of worries. I also started the fall season with this colour as maroon is one of those ‘it’ colour for this season.

Maybeline – Forever Strong – Extreme Blackcurrent

IMG_0012 copyc

IMG_0013 copy

The second colour which I have on my nails right now, is this muddy green colour. I wrote a review about it last year. Click here. Excuse my ‘then’ photo editing skills haha. It is funny how much I have changed.
Anyways I haven’t worn this colour since last year so I was quite excited to put it on again this fall as it is such a pretty colour. Also the name of it is something that I adore. It is called ‘Fall in Line’. The perfect name for this colour. Don’t you think?

Essie – Aw14 – Fall in line

Let me know what your current favourite nail polishes currently are xxxJazz

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