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afternoon tea

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Tea and I are really good friends. Let’s just put it that way. My day isn’t finished until I have a cup of tea in my hand. This is also one of the reasons for why I love the fall season as it let’s me drink as much tea as possible. In the Summer time it is just too warm (I would not say hot as that is not really the case in England) whereby a yoghurt frappuccino from Starbucks seems much more suitable for it. Although today I will be sharing one of my favourite Autumn drink.

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Our fancy green kettle. You like it? haha

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I have been loving the Clipper tea which I have seen in the tea aisle and generally online from a really long time but finally felt like actually trying it out. I am normally more of an Indian tea lover but this one has been climbing up the ranking list as well. I am currently trying out the Organic White Tea from Clipper and I am absolutely loving it. It is such a nice afternoon infusion as I would call it. Clipper do a various type of teas which I would love to try out as well (as soon as I finish the 20 tea bags in this box) I really want to try out the ‘fruit’ collection.

Being a blogger, I have heard enough about macaroons. Therefore when I saw them in Asda the other day I could not resist myself from not trying them. I just wanted to know why everyone makes such a fuss about these petit French cakes (yes I actually looked this up and they are called cakes). Even my sister was very enthusiastic about trying them. They literally are such a delightful petit snack for the afternoon with a cup of tea. Somehow it tasted like a softer version of pepernoten‘ .Overall they were lovely with an afternoon cuppa thee. Especially since the White Tea is quite light and doesn’t have too much of a flavour to it so with a snack this just completes it.

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I also wanted to briefly talk about the fact that it is half-term now Woohoo (you should check out my moves that go with this word). This would have meant more relaxed time and just no homework for a few days. However this isn’t the case. I would have to work my butt of today to get most of my homework finished by tomorrow. Due to me leaving on Tuesday for a few days to go to Italy and Holland. Now it will not be a holiday (unfortunately) instead a few days of work experience which I am actually super excited about.

I have tried to plan out a few things here and there to actually maybe get to know Italy and shoot a few typical tourist pictures but I don’t know if this will fully go to plan. In Holland I obviously know my way around but even there I will be doing some exciting things which I have planned and you will soon see up on my blog.

So yes it will be a busy but hopefully very exciting week . You can follow all of my adventures on Snapchat of course under the name Jazzalina97. Other than that I will take enough pictures to upload onto my blog as well. I will keep you posted xxxJazz

Are you up to anything exciting this week?


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