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2 Autumn hairstyles

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Hey guys today I have two hairstyles for you. You know just in case you are running out of ideas, you have come to the right source;) I have been seeing these hairstyles everywhere so thought about sharing it with you today and showing you how quick and easy they are. Last thing before we get into it, this article actually came in our school newspaper which was so cool that I was able to do that!


The first hairstyle is very chic yet simple. To start off, I would suggest to straighten your hair as this just smoothes out the hairstyle. Grab all of your hair together and try to smoothen out any frizzes with a brush. Now put an elastic around your low ponytail.


After doing this I would normally pull out a few bits to give my hair some volume but not extremely as that may ruin the hairstyle. You still want to keep your hair quite smooth.


After doing the main part you can do different things to actually hide the elastic or to just add a little extra detail to it. You can tie a bow like this lace one that I am using around it. You can also try out something else like covering the elastic up with your own hair. To do this get a small section of hair just under your ponytail and wrap it around your elastic fully so you are covering it.


Then just secure the end bit with a bobby pin. Attaching it underneath your ponytail so you are not able to see the bobby pin.



To do the second hairstyle I would suggest to have beachy wavy hair as the texture matches with the hairstyle. To start of grab the upper section of your hair including the hair behind your ear. Now continue sectioning the hair into three sections and as you may have already guessed start doing a braid. Leaving the rest of the hair untouched as you don’t want to start doing a French braid.


Try to keep your hair tight as possible so your hair will stay together securely. Finish it off with putting an elastic band on it.


That’s it, two very easy hairstyles which wouldn’t even take 10 min. However if you want to do an even easier hairstyle than that one then I would suggest to side part your hair (You can even do it with a middle parting) and grab the two sections at the front of your head on both sides and put the hair behind your ear. Creating a minimalistic yet chic look. These hairstyles were seen everywhere during the AW15 fashion week.


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