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Italian Breakfast

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Hey guys it is too early to even think but there has happend way too much in the past couple of days. In short words it has been a chaos. Going to the airport coming back. Staying up till late. Having a jetlag but then leaving again for another flight that is delayed. I have actually came to to realise that I should be happy to just go to school everyday with just an ordinary ‘boring’ day as the working world is really though out there.

Today I wanted to show you the photos that I took yesterday morning when having breakfast. It is so weird that yesterday I was in such a cosy place where I was too comfortable to leave and now I am somewhere in Amsterdam in a different bed. Although here I am quite snuggled up in my bed as well. I just wanted to quickly type this post for the day and then go downstairs and have some Dutch breakfast which is a hagelslag toast. Basically chocolate sprinkles on your toast are seen normal here haha.

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Anyways onto my Italian breakfast. I fully enjoyed this due to tasting how freshly made it was. The lovely thing about the hotel was, that it was owned by a family that worked together. They were ever so friendly.
When they asked wether we wanted cappuccino (and say this in a Italian way haha) or anything else I felt like that is the Italien’s favourite drink or something as even when we went to the factories for my work experience, everyone just always seemed to offer you cappuccino. Apart from the lovely way that the Italiens say this word I am not very keen on this drink. So I just went for the hot-chocolate.

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I went on to ask wether I could take pictures while he was making a cappuccino but also the chocolate for moi. He just called over his daughter in Italien as he didn’t understand English, that is how close-nit that hotel felt. Even though I went only for my work experience, it was a lovely experience to travel and meet some amazing people. Even on the aeroplane. There are so many people surrounded around you with a completely different story attached to them. This makes it even lovelier to meet new inspiring wonderful people.

When I started to make these pictures he even made a few poses and set the cups in a way to make it easier for me to take pictures, such a lovely person.

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The hotel it self was really comfortable looking due to it’s warm colours. I will definitely love to visit Italy again one day but then actually wandering around rather than going for my work experience. I also took a lot of pictures of what I was actually doing there but I don’t know wether I will be making a post out of it. Let me know whet you think.


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