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Latest Favourite shop: UO

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I have been willing to post this blogpost from a very long time now and finally got around to do it. I wanted to tell you about my latest favourite shop. This includes stalking their website non-stop but also the fact that a lot of my clothes have started to be from that shop. So there is a real thing going on here in my wardrobe recently.

UO have that retro vibe to it. Even their Instagram feed is like to die for. This style has really been speaking to me recently and I thinking I am liking it. Trying out different styles is something that I will always like. It lets me explore different aspects of fashion and add to my style.

Wether it’s the 70s or the 90s, UO covers it all. I feel like there is always something that you will like before leaving their shop or even their website. I am sure I have at least more than 10 things in my baskets before checking out. Yes I do adore their clothes but I would have to admit that sometimes their clothes can be a bit too pricey. Also I will admit just because some items are expensive that doesn’t mean that the quality is as good which is a lesson that I have definitely learned. Although this isn’t the case most of the time.

one of my favourite pieces that I recently bought is this A line skirt. Omg I am so obsessed with it. It is the ‘it’ piece to have in your wardrobe. I know that a lot of people have had it in blue denim with buttons, but firstly I wanted something different from that and secondly at school we only wear smart now and that wouldn’t look very smart.

I just wanted to share with you my current experience and absolutely love for this shop. I can’t believe that a year ago I wouldn’t even had looked at this shop and now I am a personal stalker for it haha. Although now the competition is between my all time favourite shop H&M or my more recently discovered love for Urban Outfitters. That is going to be a toughie.

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Although lately when I do go shopping I did notice that I found it quite hard to shop. This is so weird what I am going to say but heart was actually dwelling towards UO, I just couldn’t think of anything else…

Below I have put together some of the things that are on my wish list.






Omg that dress is to die for. If I had a fancy party or anything coming up I would have definitely bought it. The lace detail makes the dress stand out and add a different chic vibe to it somehow.

Since we wear smart at school I think that these trousers are the perfect way to pull them off. I already have a skirt in that material from UO and is literally so comfortable so I might as well go for the trousers as well.

This jumpsuit looks so casual yet chic at the same time. You can play it with some killer heels and a statement necklace or play it down with some sneakers or even with a fedora hat.





These shoes are currently in the sale but I am still debating wether to go for them. They are very old school but will I be able to pull them off and will I actually wear them or will they just take a nice comfortable seat in my wardrobe where they will never come out off haha

This is actually a velvet/suede bag. You say whut now? Definitely on my wish list.

Perfect shape skirt which is very easy to pull off due to it’s basic colour but the texture of it will just add a bit of a twist to your outfit. Love the shaping of the skirt as well. A bit of an update from the ordinary skater skirt.





I am definitely feeling some love for these laid back t-shirts which have definitely come from the 70s. I might just go for both of them as I can’t choose. Although I don’t seem to wear casual clothes as much anymore due to the uniform at school still this would be perfect for when travelling or having a chilled weekend.

If you have been reading my blog from quite a while now then you probably know that I am a real sucker for shirts. They are just my weakest point and I just can’t resist them. Then to top it off this is suede. That just got me alright. The shirt just had me there.

Do you shop often at Urban Outfitters?


2 thoughts on “Latest Favourite shop: UO”

  1. Ik kan echt uren door de UO winkel lopen, alle kleren bekijken en alle home-dingetjes, die zijn ook supergaaf daar!! Jammergenoeg heb ik niks van de UO in mijn kast hangen, geen winkel in de buurt en vaak is het best prijzig. Maar ohh, dat rokje is zo leuk! De sweaters/truien van de UO zijn ook altijd tof! EN ook hun insta is inderdaad echt prachtig…

    1. You should look out for their sales on their website! Even their sales have really good clothes and accessories! I find their interior things amazing as well wish I wrote about that in my blog post now. Completely forgot about haha

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