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buon appetito

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I still wanted to post my Italian dinner that I had the night before coming back. I didn’t sit there in front of everywhere just casually taking pictures of everything like a tourist for nothing haha

One thing is for sure Italians seriously do know how to cook. ‘They know their stuff’ as I would say it. I tried out all different kinds of things. From pasta to salad and of course pizza. Today I wanted to show the different things that I had even though I didn’t know the exact names of everything. I was going to jot them down but my phone’s battery died by the end of the day.

To start the meal off even without the starter the Italians like to have some bread. Simply some bread. I kinda liked this idea as I was starving when we arrived at the restaurant so I had to eat something before the food even arrived.

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Then for the starters we tried out quite a few things. This varied from trying out these bruschetta. I will admit I have tried this out before at home, you know like trying to make them or even had them before at Frankie and Benny’s but nothing compares to the Italians. We further had some simple salad with a very vinegary sauce. This was seriously so nice as I am very keen on sourness.
To finish off the starter we had some pasta although I don’t know what it was called exactly this was so damn good. It was a cheese and mushroom salad. I am not very keen on mushrooms and I don’t really like them so this is seriously saying something. Probably also because I covered my pasta in an extra layer of rasped cheese which you were given specially in a different small bowl.

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Seriously after this I was just too full. My dad had to help me with this one. I still can’t believe I just about ate the whole pizza but still loved it. Even when we order at Pizza Hut we always have the thin Italian crust and it was quite funny to actually try out the Italian crust in Italy haha.

I just had the simple margarita one as I can always rely on that one you know;) You never know how other pizzas will taste like.

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I was so happy that I had this opportunity to go to Italy and do work experience (and even have this food haha). I think this is my last Italian post but I hope you liked it!

What is your favourite Italian dish?


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