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Typical Amsterdam

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I didn’t really know how to start this post. Yesterday I was meant to go early to bed so I could type this post up in the morning but things never go to plan. Before going to bed I read this post from one of the bloggers that I follow, Jiami. She wrote this post, as she was currently in Paris and a lot of her followers were getting worried wether she was alright. I started to wonder why people were getting worried. After doing some late night research resulted me in waking up late but also doing a lot of morning research again. The thing that made me even more sad was that something similar already happened a few weeks ago in Punjab. The incident that just happened in Paris made me even more depressed. How can we as humans do these kinds of things to each other. We are all so selfish.  However at the end of the day we should still see this as a terrorist attack and not a Muslim attack as most people unfortunately see it. Even Kenza posted about this and Instagram was full of it as well.

I didn’t want to start this post as being ignorant about this situation so found it quite important to talk about it just as I did about the incident in India about 2 weeks ago which is still not taken care off.

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Just like every time that I have visited Amsterdam we started off by exploring the good old Albert Cuyp straat. I have been there so many times as it is the ultimate street with all the top Dutch food as I would call it. We had so much food that day. At first I was going to make it just a Dutch food post but when I looked through my photos I realised that I have a lot of other ‘Typical Amsterdam’ pictures as well. Hence the title.

We tried a lot of different types of things. Including poffertjes (mini pancakes) and kaastengels (cheese cookies) first. You may have already seen this on my Snapchat as I was basically going Snapachat crazy in Amsterdam haha.

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I also saw this antique store in the market which had such delicate yet cute cups and plates.

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Then we went to eat my favourite of them all. Namely ‘patat speciaal’. I love these so much! You can have them with different sauces but I always like the ‘speciaal’ one. This one includes mayonnaise, ketchup and onions. The thought of it just make me hungry. It is just basically chips and then you can decide the different sauces that you would like on them. A bit like the typical English fish and chips but then far better and less greasier.

Then I also had the kaas soufflé and this is literally one of the cheesiest things which is exactly what I love about it. I had so much food that day.

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The rest of the day we just wandered around and took a lot of ‘Typical Amsterdam’ pictures. After that I wanted to do some homework as I had a lot to do and that afternoon I was going to go out with one of my closest friends in Amsterdam which I hadn’t seen for 6 years!

We went to the Bagel&Beans which was my idea as they are supposed to have really nice food there and also because I am a real craver for bagels. However we didn’t actually have any bagels haha. We just ended up having a dessert instead, as we were more excited by that. We catched up on so many things. You know like in 6 years time a lot can change but I was happy to know that my best friend was still that same person. Although the circumstances were different and it was quite funny that I didn’t actually recognise her at first when I met her and I was like omg Ash is that you?!

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Due to us not eating anything in Bagel&Beans, we decided to go to Starbucks. I really wanted to try the Pumpkin latte.  Ash wanted to try it as well but didn’t want to be the common white girl so I said that I will be the brown girl to join you haha. We ended both not liking it. Luckily we only had a small size. Seriously if you don’t like coffee I would recommend not having it.

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In the next few days I want to finish off my Amsterdam posts as I have other posts that I want to post as well. Hopefully by Tuesday you will be able to read my meet up with Myrthe which was really fun!

Speak soon xxxJazz


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