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Meeting with Myrthe

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One of my main highlights of visiting Amsterdam was meeting up with this awesome girl. I still wonder what if I hadn’t pressed that send button on Instagram and not asked her to meet up with each other what would I have been doing right now? Definitely not typing up this post haha.

I met Myrthe via via Instagram. You know when you stay up till late night stalking one of your favourite Instagrammers and then you suddenly land onto someone else’s account. That is how I met Myrthe on Instagram. Of course it was quite scary to meet up with a stranger that you only know from Instagram but believe me, that person is just as scared as much as you are. Now with this I don’t mean go off and meet some random dude from the internet. I would still do some research etc. You could tell from Myrthe’s Instagram and Blog that she was a nice girl and wasn’t just a stranger that would kidnap me or anything. Beside, we also Snap-chatted each other (@Jazzalina97) and started talking onto Instagram and I am glad to say that I made a new friend that day;)

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The day started off quite misty and with the typical ‘pretty’ Autumn weather. The sun was shining bright with no cloud in the sky. Myrthe and I couldn’t believe our luck. We decided to meet up that day at 11 and then finish at about 2ish but the time went so quick that even at 2 it felt like we could still take pictures.

That day when I arrived at the Dam (where we decided to meet up) I suddenly felt the nervous-ness in my stomach. What if I don’t recognise her? I should have told her what I was wearing and asked her what she was wearing as well (the funny thing was this was going through her head as well). However as soon as I saw a blond girl with a bike in her hand and a tripod in her bike’s bags I was like, it has to be her. When she turned around to see who was calling her as she was talking to this random stranger that actually started talking to her and telling random stuff about himself it was quite funny. Anyways moving on we quickly started talking about each other and getting to know each other but at the same time discussing where we should take these pictures. We came to the conclusion to just wander around Amsterdam a bit and just take pictures on the go.

IMG_0103 copy

We found these stairs in one of the streets which Myrthe said were typical Amsterdam so we had to take some pictures. The funny thing was that it was joined to one of the main busy roads of Amsterdam so a lot of strangers walking beside us where quite intrigued in what we were doing. Some of them even offered to take pictures of us haha bless them.

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Just in case you were wondering Myrthe, what you look like from the back when you are on your bike… here you go a picture of it;)

IMG_0123 copy

Myrthe was brave enough to stand on the bridge which I never would have done. I still can’t believe she did this but then again she is much of an Amsterdamer and familiar with the place than I am.

IMG_0129 copy

IMG_0139 copy

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I think this bit on the bridge was the funniest moment of all because we were trying to take pictures on the bridge however since it being a very busy street, cars and motorcycles kept coming. Oh and don’t forget the bikes. They must have been just as annoyed with us just as much we were with them haha as it took us literally forever to finally get the pictures that we wanted. We even sat on the streets which at first seemed quite odd to do but you can do odd and weird things in foreign countries since no-one knows you there.

* IMG_9718 kopie copy

I was happy to know that I found someone my size since I am quite small. Believe it or not I am 2 years older than Myrthe.

Just taking the usual typical blogger pictures. Although you can tell that Myrthe’s lens is sharper. It is also the lens that I have been saving up for so it was quite nice to experience this lens first hand before actually buying it.

IMG_0155 copy

* IMG_9758 kopie copy

IMG_0160 copy

IMG_0193 copy

I literally had such a fun time that day and we have already decided that we will definitly meet up again when I go back to Amsterdam. It was such a shame that I was only for a few days there.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures just as much we loved taking and creating them. Also Myrthe did a post on her blog about a Zombie parade that took place on Halloween in Amsterdam that we both attended. Click here to check out the post.

*Pictures with a star above are taken by Myrthe

Let me know what you think of the pictures xxxJazz

2 thoughts on “Meeting with Myrthe”

  1. Ooooh! Jasmine! Wat een leuke blogpost heb je ervan gemaakt!!! Je verhaaltjes zijn zo leuk om terug te lezen! Wat was het toch een leuke dag! Ik mis je echt zo erg! Laatst liep ik weer door dezelfde straatjes maar het was zo saai alleen en het regende en het was donker en het kon echt niet tippen aan onze geweldige gezellige middag.. Je moet sowieso weer snel komen hoor haha šŸ™‚ Ik ga ook even binnenkort een artikeltje over onze meet-up online gooien maar op dit moment heb ik het even heel druk met school enzo en heb ik mijn blog een beetje links moeten laten liggen šŸ™ xxxxxxxx

    1. Dat is oke haha I am missing holland as well and the awesome day that we had! I can’t wait to come back one day we have got to do this again!!xx Oja op de dag dat win photos namen het was echt de perfekte herfst dag dan is het toch stom dat je opeens door de zelfde straatjes loopt terwijl het regent. Wij hidden gewoon what geluk dat dag dat het zo mooi weer was en dat we daarom zulke leuke photos konden maken! šŸ™‚

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