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Outfit Details

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I can’t believe how fast this Autumn season went. It felt like it only just came. Some may see November as part of Winter while it is actually still technically part of Autumn. However the weather outside brrrr. It is already so cold with temperatures falling below 10 degrees, that it does feel like Winter. Although I do have to admit that I am looking forward to snow which will hopefully fall this year!

I was looking through some pictures that I took before going for my work-experience but I clearly completely forgot about them. Since Autumn is coming towards the end as well I thought why not just put this post together as these details clearly give off an Autumn vibe. Don’t you think?

I didn’t feel like shooting an outfit post that day as I was more fond of my jewelry that day haha. So only decided to focus onto the jewelry that I was wearing.
I have literally got so many rings. Especially midi rings which is just absurd but a girl got to have a stash of jewelry. Especially when you don’t own a stash of make-up;) I have to express my feminine side someway or another haha. Most of them are from Dorothy Perkins. They have so many pretty rings.

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IMG_0240 copy

On that day I was wearing some of my favourite rings but also the rings that I don’t always wear such as the orange/gold one. Since I don’t own a lot of orange items in my wardrobe this is one of the first orange items that I have. Also don’t you just love the detail of the pleats on the first picture or is just me that I am amazed by it because I do textiles.

I like to clash my chunky rings with my simpler and elegant-er midi rings all together which creates quite an eye catching look. I like to do this quite often. I am also liking the fact that my watch from New look which I was gifted goes so well with my jewelry and just the outfit. I think it makes my outfit look instantly much chic-er. Before when I used to wear my ice-watch (which I still do sometimes) I was unable to style my golden rings with it since it was silver and I have way more gold rings than silver ones. That collection is quite small.

IMG_0244 copy
Doesn’t my maroon nail polish just go perfectly with it:))

IMG_0247 copy

Watch//New look    Orange-Gold Ring//H&M   All other rings//Dorothy Perkins

Oh and excuse the paint on my hand, I had textiles that day.

Do you like wearing chunky rings?


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