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Throwback Thursday

*IMG_9804 kopie
Since I didn’t have an outfit post to post because I have been so busy recently at school, I though about posting a outfit from Amsterdam. These pictures weren’t in the last Amsterdam post as I wanted to do a separate outfit post anyways. So a long story short here is an outfit post for you today;)



My typical Autumn outfit but also my favourite and yes I can say my favourite already, as Autumn has unfortunately come to an end.  With my purple sunglasses and swinging hair this outfit is inspired by a lot of different styles but on thing is certain it has the Jazz touch to it.



*IMG_9691 kopie

*IMG_9692 kopie


This was Myrthe’s Analog camera which was so cool. She has a lot of camera literally it was amazing to use an Analog. Since I did used to have one when I was(very)  little until I broke it and lost is as well.

*IMG_9723 kopie


We found out that both our socks were from Primark hence the reason us wondering why they looked so similar.

*IMG_9814 kopie

*IMG_9826 kopie

I took some random outfit posts that day as well, which I asked Myrthe to take for me. The funny thing was that half of them were taken with my camera and half of them were taken with Myrthe’s camera and you can really tell the difference.

Pictures with a * are Myrthe’s

That day I wore something casual and comfortable. I didn’t wanted to look too dressy but still wanted to look nice on the pictures that I was going to take with Myrthe. You know like any girl would like to haha.

The last few weeks have already been busy and then the next few coming weeks will be even busier. I can’t even imagine how busy even looks more busier than this. I just want to take a break or something but then I will regret it. I am quite odd in these situations as when I take a break or something I feel like I could have done so much work. I just wasted those 10 min lying on the bed doing nothing.

I am also going on holiday soon which means basically that I will not get any work done . Who does even homework on holiday? I am terrible at doing that. Even though I can do some History or German then but I can’t do textiles. I can’t take my sewing machine with me…

These 3 weeks are literally going to feel like forever as I have so much to do like… just generally everything. After Christmas I have a month till my textiles final piece has to be finished and I am not even half way yet, I haven’t even started my History notes yet and the mock exams are going to be in a months time as well. Sometimes I wonder I do so much work and I still get nothing done. What do I do then? Nothing? but one thing I am really good at I don’t like to give up I will keep going till I get what I want which is obviously good grades at school at the end of the day.

After all I have this saying which I came up with myself

‘If it was easy then anyone could have done it’


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