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lightning up

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It is officially December. The month that my buuurrttthhhdddaaayyy will take place but also the fact that we are 24 days closer to Christmas. Although some may see this as way to early to put the Christmas lights up or even decorations but personally I think that it is never to early to do anything with Christmas.

With the exception of having Christmas things in the stores already in August which is absurd really. You want to enjoy the Summer instead of seeing the Christmas crackers and packaging on a sunny day. For all those shops out there Now is the time to start to put the stuff out there. Christmas isn’t all about the highest sales of the year;)

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When my sister started to ask wether we could start putting the Christmas lights up last weeks (as I was planning some posts ahead in which I had these lights as background and when she saw the box it reminded her) I was quite surprised since she is normally not the decretive one. However with full enthusiasm we put the lights on, as well as taking the Christmas candles out and lightning them up.

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Sometimes when you just need to set away all of your work and concerns away. Just thinking about the awesome events happening or will happen around you. Just appreciating things around you which I have personally started to note from myself which is a good factor for having a good mood. Even though I will not be here for Christmas this year I just love the spirit of it. The sphere of Christmas just lightens me up and I have even been playing my Christmas playlist since mid-November. Yes I would say that is way to early but it is the best way to start getting into the spirit and to just have a background music for when doing my homework. It is a real motivator you know.

I will be going to India which I am super excited about so that is the reason that I have been very busy lately. Getting my school work up to date but also planning some posts ahead so I wouldn’t be too absent on my blog. Of course I will be taking lots of pictures and sharing them onto my blog. I don’t know wether I will have the time to post them there or even if I will be having Internet access. Hopefully fingers crossed.
I will also be bombarded with homework by my teachers of course because they just love me.

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Other than that I’m going to be 18 soon. Say what now?! So young yet I feel so old. Isn’t that weird? I still can’t believe it. Time flies. Before I know it I will be going to Uni. This also means that I have only 2 more years of my teenage years left and after that I will technically be an adult. Like every year it is really busy for my Birthday. I am going to have a meal of course and may post something about it but I am not so sure yet. I will see!

Don’t the lights just look pretty! They really lighten up my mood as well as my room. Have you started to decorate your room or do you think it is waaay to early?


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