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Dreamy coat

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It was about time that I shared my new coat on my Blog. I bought it a few weeks from Asos and since it has arrived I feel like some kind of posh lady haha. Literally it feels so elegant as it is such a dreamy coat.

It is that typical coat that when you go to a posh restaurant and they ask you to take your coat off, you have this very expensive and pretty dress on underneath it. This is me describing a typical film scene. Seriously though that is how it makes me feel every time I take this off or put it on.




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The pleats that start around the hips, give the coat a feminine touch to it (if it is not feminine enough). It think this coat is something different than the normal typical duster coats I wear. They are much more structured and masculine but since I have bought this coat I have been loving it.

Although I am not very keen on fur, I like the fact that the hood only has it. It makes the coat even elegant-er (sorry for the amount of time that I have mentioned this word already haha). The coat also has a lot of gold details which matches perfectly with my school bag so that just completes it. The only down part of the coat is that it doesn’t have any pockets which I was quite disappointed about. I didn’t realise this at the time when I was buying the coat though.

I can’t wait till it starts to snow so I can take pretty snow outfit pictures in this coat!

Click here for the coat.

Have you find your perfect winter coat yet?


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