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Today is the day that I can officially say that I am an adult. It is the big day that I have been waiting for since the age of 10. Omg that is like 8 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

I always thought that being 18 will be so awesome. I can go out, hopefully drive and just do whatever I like basically. However little did I know that with everything there comes a price. In the case of ‘age’ the older you get the more responsibly you have to take but also the fact that school starts to be a pain.

To tell you the truth on Wednesday I was like ‘O yeah it’s my Birthday on Friday’ haha. I have been so busy recently that even my Birthday hasn’t been the priority. I did have a meal last week which was really nice. Although some of my friends couldn’t make last minute it was still very nice. An outfit post of that day will hopefully be online soon.

IMG_0195 copy

My mini outfit for my meal. In love with this glitter top.


I have been quite absent for quite a few days on my blog which I didn’t even realise as I have been so busy preparing blogs ahead for the up coming three weeks. So I am already preparing some pretty good content as far as the 2nd week in January as my mock exams will be coming up soon as well. Straight after the holidays unfortunately. Even though I will be going to India to have a holiday, I will have to do a lot of revision as well. Oh well that is life haha.

I was actually supposed to talk about my Birthday but I always seem to dwell off. Today I will have a normal day at school except for that I will be that special person that everyone will walk up to and say ‘Happy Birthday Jazz!’. Other than that me Beth and Becky will be going to Costa to celebrate during lunch. I should probably take a candle or something with me haha and actually cut a mini Costa cake. That be so much fun tho! I do need a Costa as after that I will have double History. Including one lesson after school. The perfect way to end my school day;)

I will try to make the most out of my ‘special’ day.

Have a nice Friday xxxJazz

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