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New brogues

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I always seem to write about my shoes every time I buy a new pair. So I couldn’t break my tradition by not writing about my new brogues.

Brogues have always been on my wish-list. I even had a specific brand in mind. Namely Vagabond. Their shoes are literally to die for. However they are a bit pricey so they started to kind of dwell off my wish-list. After that I just kind of forgot about them. But then a few weeks ago when it was Black Friday there was a 20% off sale at Office. I started to have a look at the shoes when I suddenly saw this pair.

IMG_0224 copy

The thing that I liked the most about Vagabond shoes, is the fact that they have a high sole which some people find ugly but I love. These ones are not as high as I wanted them to but still do have high quit a high sole. You can especially tell when I am walking through the corridors and they go click-clack click-clack.

They are super comfortable and as you can tell really shiny as well . Giving that masculine shoe type look to it which I looove.

Click here for the shoes.

What do you think of the shoes?

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