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Favourite Instagramers

Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again #UOonyou

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Some while ago I quit Instagram for a week. It made me realise how much work I can actually get done. I can definitely say that that one week has made a difference somehow. It has actually made a big impact on my school work. Due to me actually planning out a school schedule instead of spending every minute possible on either Instagram or any form of social media.

When I logged back into my account after a week, before even checking out any new notifications I was more intrigued in what my favourite Instagramers posted.

Some of them are bloggers that have online blogs but some of them are just Instagram bloggers which I don’t really mind as I like it either way. The thing that makes me like these Instagramers more is the fact that I see quality over quantity which is what I love.


I got to know Naomi via a different Blog which I don’t even remember anymore. It was exactly a year ago. I started to follow her blog because of her amazing writing skills but also her photography was something that inspired me to go beyond just the usual way of photography. When it came to her Instagram, that took me quite a few weeks before discovering it but even then I didn’t think twice. As well as a lot of lifestyle pictures she also does a lot of outfits throughout it as well. I love her fashion style which I often take inspiration from. She seems like a really down to earth person who you can easily relate to through her pictures and captions.

That hairflip tho

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Through Naomi’s Instagram I discovered this beautiful girl. You can literally tell that she is as beautiful from the inside as she is from the outside. Her creativity is clearly twisted into her looks with her sense of dressing. Her outfits are so vintage and something that you would just wish to wear every day as they look comfortable and fashionable at the same time. She also has a separate account for her art Sophievsart which you should definitely have a look at as well.

One off my favorite pictures ever! Thanks to @jamiedeleeuw

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To tell you the truth it took me quite a while to get into Laura’s Instagram due to the clear visibility of ocd and perfectionist feed. Although I do really enjoy her photography now which are very similar to Naomi’s deep meaning of photography, I felt that her account was too controlled. If you know what I mean. I think over time she has opened up a bit and tried to loosen up her account which I like. You can tell that Laura is a reticent type of girl but with a lot of potential. She definitely is hiding one hell of a creative mind behind her shy face.

a #latergram of this mornings breakfast. heaven in a bowl

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i was searching for the moon but found the stars in your eyes

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Sarissa has unfortunately started her feed all over again so you can’t really see her old photographs. However even now her photos are just captivating. It is like she has taken the pictures at that present moment without even editing them or giving them even a thought. Although she can be a bit negative about herself sometimes, she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful personality. Her pictures are different with a different vibe to it. She posts a lot of vintage types of outfits as well as pictures.

Let the tears fall down in your heart.

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The funny thing about these Instagramers is that they are all from Holland. I don’t know what it is but I just like bloggers and Instagramers from the Netherlands. Even though I try to follow a variety of people I just always seem to go back to the blogger of Holland. Somehow I feel like I can relate to them better and just really enjoy looking at their work. However recently I have also started to follow quite a lot of german Instagramers so there may be a second post in a few months time.

Who are your favourite Instagramers?


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