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cute hairstyle

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Since this is the season to be the fanciest that you can be, I thought that this hairstyle may be quite cute to do. It is something quite elegant but pretty to look at at the same time. Therefore perfect to try out this holiday season.

It could easily be worn with just a casual outfit or even with a party outfit. I would suggest wrapping a bow around it, like I have done as that gives it the finishing touch to it.

Start off with parting your hair. Then on the side with the most hair start the french braid. I think that this is the most important part of the hairstyle. I just easily get confused haha. The trick is to not look in the mirror while doing it. Instead try to do it by figuring out the strands with your hands. Also keeping the braid strong and not to loose, giving you better results.

Continue to do the braid till just below your ears. If you have done so then just secure it with an elastic. I would suggest to choose one that is matching with your hair colour, making it harder to see the braid.



Finish it off with with a bow matching to your outfit. I even tried it with a piece of lace which I normally have on my ponytails and that looks very cute as well. Although it actually depends on the outfit and you of course what you like.




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