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Glitter Look

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Since my birthday is in the Christmas month I can just casually wear a glitter top to school on my Birthday. It is the season when you can actually randomly wear glitter, without looking like you are trying to make a statement. So of course I took this opportunity.

Although it wasn’t precisely this top that I wore to school since we have have a dress code of smart clothing, I wore a black glitter turtleneck. Let me just tell you that that top was even sparklier than this one. So either got the courage to wear glitter to school or you don’t haha.

IMG_0249 copy

IMG_0250 copy

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IMG_02441 copy

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//Top- UO// Jeans- Miss Selfridge// Shoes- OFFICE// Ring- Accessorize// Watch- New Look// Coat- ASOS//

This outfit was from my meal. Although we didn’t go somewhere fancy or anything I still could not resist looking like the special one. You know the Birthday gal haha.

Like I mentioned in my post from yesterday I like the way that this is not OTT but still shows that you are up for the Christmas spirit. Since I paired it with my favourite black high waisted jeans and my newly bought black brogues it made the outfit tell just the story that I wanted to:

I want to wear glitter but still want to look casual

Today it will be very busy since we have a Christmas ‘thing’ (since I don’t know what to call it as it is not a party and it is at lunch time) with all of the sixth form. We will all wear Christmas jumpers. When I come home in the afternoon we will just pick up our last few things and leave for the airport. So the next time that I will speak to you is in India. I have planned some posts ahead but if I don’t post anything on here then I will still try to post on Instagram. But trying to find some sort of WiFi first

What would your birthday outfit be?


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