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Winter beauty essentials


I have been leaning more and more to my teas and hot chocolates, the trees are loosing their precious leaves and the house seems to be so cold that I have to wear at least 2 jumpers. This can only mean one thing that Winter is officially here (but also the fact that I don’t let anyone turn the radiators higher than 18 degrees haha). Well technically tomorrow when it will be the shortest day of the year.

Apart from taking very pretty pictures of the frozen grass or even snuggling up under the blankets when studying with a hot cup of tea aaaah, even cold has it’s disadvantages. I do have to admit that I am quite sensitive to cold which means my hands are dry constantly and my lips are just rough all the time if something moisturising isn’t applied to it every 2-3 hours.
Even in the Summer time my feet are ice-cold so when the Winter comes they are just Freezing-cold even when I am wearing double socks.

In todays post I wanted to show some of the beauty essentials for the Winter. It’s not everyday that I do something with beauty so let me know what you think and I might do something else beauty related as well which I have in mind.


The lips are very essential to keep moisturised. Personally I think this because, it is the first thing that anyone sees. You know the face. So I did some of my own research because I have always used various types of lip products. From Vaseline to Chapstick and from Blistex to Nivea. Recently I started to use a lip balm called Carmex which was recommended to me by a friend. It is seriously so good! I couldn’t recommend a better one. This one will definitely help me survive the Winter. It comes in the form of a tube or even a lip pot. It depends on which one you prefer but I like the tube one more. It even survives the one meal which in terms of lip balm quality is quite hard to find so I was quite pleased that I bought this.


Hand creme

Just like my lips my hands need to be moisturised as well. Especially in between my fingers which are often very dry. I usually just have this hand creme from Nivea. It makes and keeps my hands ever so soft. On top of it it is mini, compact and therefore easily put away. I also have the tube in this version but I just prefer the mini one more, as just like a lip balm I can just put it in my pocket. If I did that with the tube then that would look massive.

I am not the one who is extremely into make up which you may have guessed by now. If a moisturiser and lip balm counts then that is a different story haha. I am no beauty queen but a good winter bronzer and some red lipstick is one that I would love to suggest as well. However since not knowing about which brands are the best to use that would be a bit useless. I do know though that the red lipstick from the Kate Moss Rimmel collection is one that should be in your make-up stash for the Winter.

What are your Winter essentials?


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