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Fancy Nails

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A few years ago when I used to have time on my hands, my obsession with watching nail tutorials started. I kind of lost my love for doing different types of nail designs over the years . However today after a very long time I will be showing you a nail tutorial. Nowadays I hardily even have the time to put nail polish on my nails let alone a design. Since it will be Christmas and New year soon I took the time out to actually do something fancy with my nails.

Since Summer is not one of the best time to wear black nail polish what other month than winter will you be wearing it? On top of it I think that half of the people will be wearing a Little Black Dress at the New Years and Christmas parties so this tutorial will go perfect with your outfit;)
If you are not then you can always replace the colours however you want.

IMG_0083 copy

To start off you need the basics like a top coat and a base coat but I haven’t shown them on the picture above. I used a black nail polish from Rimmel. I also used a Matte nail polish. At first I wasn’t going to use it but it felt like the silver shine would stand out more if the black is matte.

IMG_00730 copy

To make the silver lines I used a pen for it which I got a few years ago from India. You know when I was into nail art. However you can also do this with a nail polish’s brush if that makes sense. I know it is bigger but you only slightly need to slide it over the nail diagonally and it doesn’t have to be on every single nail if you find it hard as you can also do it only on the ring finger as well.

IMG_00780 copy


IMG_00800 copy

On this picture you can clearly see how effective the contrast between the Matte and the shine. It is clearly much more effective and eye catching. I think that Matte nails in generally are quite effective as well.

The silver just completes these nails since the end of the year is all about glitter and sparkle. You could also try this out with some silver or even gold glitter that would look really glamorous as well.

Are you into nail art?


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