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Suede Shoes

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A few weeks ago I talked about me wanting to buy suede shoes and let me just say, mission accomplished. I was originally going to wear them here in India but unfortunately the shoes will get ruined (let me just put it this way it is not very clean in india). 

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I wish I was able to take this pair with me but I rather wear them for a very long time, than just wearing them for a day or so and get them ruined. After all I got them in the sale as well. This was only something that I found out at the counter though. It was quite funny actually as I was paying the money and the girl behind the counter said ‘That it is too much money’ and I was like ‘But I thought they cost £26’ and then she said that ‘They are on sale’. You should have seen my face I was so confused… (typical me though).

I got the shoes from BHS as seriously I love their shoes. They are not always my kind of taste but sometimes they have some really nice shoes! Like these ones. They really give me that feminine touch as most of the times I am just wearing brogues and thats basically very masculine haha.

I tried to find these shoes on their website but wasn’t able to. However I did find some similar ones on their site and they are on sale as well.
Click here, here, here

What do you think of the shoes?


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