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Throwback Monday

IMG_0222 copy

An outfit throwback to a Monday in England. It was quite a cold but pretty day on that day which you can tell if you look really carefully. Can you see the sunset in the background?


IMG_0217 copy IMG_0218 copy

IMG_0226 copy

IMG_0221 copy

IMG_0224 copy
//Top- Divadames//Trousers- Miss Selfridge//Shoes- OFFICE//Coat- ASOS//Socks- Primark//

The sunset is only slightly visible on the pictures. However I am loving the fact that you can see the last rays of the sun just that slightly. That makes this outfit look really Autumny and the pictures alone are giving me the #autumnvibes
Talking about the pictures don’t you just love the new quality of it as guess who got a new lens for her BIRTHDAY a few weeks ago? Seriously I am loving the quality. If you want to upgrade from your camera lens to something that looks far more professional I definitely recommend the 50mm 1.8 STM lens. Although the quality is still better on my camera then you can actually see it now on my blog.

Outfit Story

What am I feeling like today? Maybe just stick to some basics, casual something? Yes let’s go for that black turtleneck as I want to feel quite relaxed today since it is Monday as well. But what kind of trousers should I go for? I don’t feel like going for a skirt. I want to stick to some comfy trousers. Oh wait maybe those new daisy trousers which I have only worn once, they even go perfectly with the top. How do I jazz up the outfit tho as it is not my style unless it’s got some type of funky-ness in it. okay what if I do that crown braid which looks pretty cool and I will have waves in my hair the next day so extra bonus. Omg to make the outfit even funkier I can even wear my new brogues. Maybe not that casual after all haha.

What have you been up to?


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