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Things to remember from 2015

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It is that time of the year again when we reflect on all the unexpected but also expected things that we experienced this year. This includes going on Holiday on my own for the first time, getting As level results as well as hitting 100 subscribes on Instagram which is still unbelievable.

I went on a horse

I felt pretty proud about this! #holamahalla #today #proudtobeasikh

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So one of the first things that I did in the beginning of the year was to ride a horse. This was so scary. I still can’t believe that I actually went on a horse. The last time that I went on one was when I was in India and very little. I can remember how excited I was but at the age of 17 it wasn’t somehow very exciting. However it is still something that I would remember from 2015

I tried an avocado


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Since the blogger world was hyping up this overly healthy ‘fruit’ (yes it is actually called a fruit believe it or not) I just had to try it out. Around the beginning of the year I posted an article whereby me and my sister tried out this dish which I thought was super nice but my sister didn’t quite like it. This proves that you either like it or hate it. Although I haven’t had an avocado in ages I still do quite like this rare tasting fruit. It is not on the top of my list but I do have to say I like it somehow. Now I would not just scoop it out with a spoon and eat it. I am not that fond of it (yet).

Went on holiday without my parents

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Now in a few years time I will probably be like, this isn’t even that awesome as I used to think. However at the age of 17 there is nothing more adventures than to go someplace far away without your parents being around and actually being allowed to explore more around the city without anyone saying ‘It is 9pm lets go back to the hotel’. With this I don’t mean I would go to a night club or something. I think by now you have already figured out that I am not that type of gal. I like to explore and experience different cultures and are therefore not just amazed by some sun and a night club.

My very first (Indian) Fashion show

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This was very breath taking. It was a Bridal fashion show which literally was so good and I was so glad that I attended it. It was for my Textile project at school. I am currently looking at Indian textile so therefore this was so useful. As well as mind blowing to watch. Literally if you adore Indian textile then this will just blow you away.

I was able to do work experience abroad

We all have to do work experience in year 10/11/12 but do we ever think about maybe going abroad? I managed to arrange an opportunity to go to Italy for two days. Not to explore the cities or anything (wish though haha) Instead I was able to look at clothes being made from scratch. It was so amazing to actually follow and work-shadow all day. Being able to explore even this side of the industry. There is so much hard work that goes into these clothes which is something that made me realise that day. We should appreciate more what we wear even though it may only be from Primark .

Met up with another blogger in a different country

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When going to Italy I stopped at Amsterdam first, for a few days and also grabbed the chance to meet this awesome girl Myrthe. I was so glad to arrange this as I made another friend that day! She was literally so nice and we spend at least 3-4 hours making random pictures and basically chating. I didn’t have a lot of time otherwise we would have continued chatting in a cafe or something. I love to meet new people which I have definitely accomplished this year. Learning their story as well as you feel like you know one more person on this world, now another 7 billion to go;)

My Instagram feed completely changed

Oke I must say this was the year that a change happened on my Instagram. Just to show you the change look at the 2 pictures below. The first one is from the beginning of the year and the second one is from a few weeks ago.

#breakfasttime #beinghealthy

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When you are starting school late in the morning so you can have your breakfast in your PJs Such a nice feeling

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Firstly how do you go from 4-60 likes in a about a year? and secondly look at the pictures quality. Oh wait I think I just answered my question haha. Seriously like what was I thinking? What is that filter? It doesn’t make me want to eat porridge at all.

I hit about a 100 subscribers in September and I am currently on 171 which keeps going high and low as well. I don’t understand the fact that there are about 170 people that actually like my pictures. I know that it is only a fraction of the world but still a very big deal for me. Or the fact that one of my pictures had about 118 likes. Like 118 people clicked on the heart. I think this was probably one of the biggest change of 2015. Photography has really changed me as a person as well as my feed haha.

I turned 18

Yes 18 officially an adult. Whereby I can vote and that is about it. The main thing of being 18. I can drive too but I already passed when I was 17 so it isn’t too exciting at 18. To tell you the truth I don’t even feel 18 I still feel like 16 or 15. Yes I do feel a bit more mature and I kind of know more about life and what I want to do it with it than I did when I was 15/16, I still don’t feel like ‘an adult’. I don’t even know how an adult is supposed to feel like.

Hmm how would I remember the year 2015? Something like, The year 2015 is the year that I… the year I passed my As levels haha. Although it sure is a year to be remembered.

Btw even though there are only 2 days left of 2015, make the most of it!
You may just be able to say I did that in 2015;)

What were your most memorable things from 2015?


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  1. Oh! Ik zie dit nu pas! Die fotos van ons is echt zo cute! Ik mis jou en onze dag samen zo erg!! Kan ik niet een keertje naar Engeland komen? Ik ben ook wel benieuwd naar jouw leefomgeving hihi 😉 xxxxx Myrthe <3

    1. We should definitely arrange something for if you do come to England or if I do got to Holland this year! It be so fun if you come to england tho! I can show you around and everything!xx

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