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Reflecting on resolutions

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So about a year ago I posted an article with a lot of things that I wanted to achieve this year. In this post I wanted to evaluate wether I have been able to achieve my goals or not. It is quite funny how much you can change over just a year as some of the resolutions I don’t even remember why I set them.

Firstly to actually read this post I think that you will probably have to read my post from last year first. So click here to do so.

Now that you have read it let’s get started haha.

1. Oke so ‘loosing weight’ or not eating snacks? What was I even thinking? That would never have happened. Yes I can try to reduce the amount of snacks that I eat but not completely ban them. I don’t eat as many snacks as last year anyways. I don’t know why though, I think I just kind of stopped.

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I am not very keen on the idea of thinking that I need ‘to lose weight’ as I look perfectly fine. The one thing that I would like to do this year is to start going to the gym (to become fit and healthy and not to ‘lose weight’) again which I have to admit I did go at the beginning of the year but till about May/June (exam season) I just kind of got bored of it. Now I think I am full in energy for it and I am actually excited to get started.

2. I actually do have to say I have started to say to myself a lot more like ‘Yes I can do this’ and actually thinking very positive about most of the things which can be hard at the time at times when things just seem impossible but even that word says I’m possible;) so think positively and everything will fall in it’s place. Yes Jazz you can still do it just think positively and you will get it.

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3. I think I have trends when I do and do not post. Like during the exam season I am rubbish at posting and even though my posts are half the time at least 1-2 weeks late I still try to do my very best to post them! I know that my travelling posts often come quite late but I see quality over quantity.

4. Well this is future Jazz talking and you basically take every opportunity that is open to you to travel. We live in the future and that makes it difficult to live in the present. We need to take the opportunities while we can. That is how I see it and with this I don’t mean just ditch education as unfortunately you need this as well. However I would still garb opportunities that you have. You will only once be the age that you are right now and that will never come back. Don’t do stupid things with this though like omg I need to smoke weed or something because I am young… Instead make the most out of it like travelling and exploring different cultures. As even though I love learning but travelling is a different language, a different type of education which if you don’t get involved in people would label you as ‘ignorant’. We live in such a beautiful world yet we know nothing about it. It also allows you to meet new people. Especially on the aeroplane don’t just state out the window instead explore around you and talk to people. When I went to Holland and Italy I met some really kind people. One couple who was travelling from Italy to Holland even gave me tips on which lens to buy as they were into cameras as well. (I therefore bought that lens because of them and damn I am loving it)

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5. Sorry but it is still there, where I left it off…

6. Uhm bagels? I don’t even remember the last time that I had them. I think I can officially say that I am over my bagel cravings. Clearly since I haven’t had them since I don’t know when.

7. Like I mentioned before I want to start going to the gym and I have said train at least 1 hour a week but I think at the beginning of the year I used to do at least 3-4 hours so let’s do that again this year.

8. I don’t know about coding which I have just kind of given up on, as I just don’t have the time for it (on top of it I can just look up the basics myself like the colour or the size of the text). However photography is something that I have always been interested in so I do have to say that sure kept me busy this year. Wether all the pictures came on my blog or not, they sure did come on my Tumblr. I have developed a lot more since the beginning of the year. Although I want to continue to do so and learn even more. Photography seems to show me a new side to it every single time.

I almost forgot a very happy new year! I hope that this year brings you all the happiness that you asked for.

Do have any similar resolutions?


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