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Souvenir Scarf

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Okay so the cold has really got me this time. Normally I am not the one who easily gets a cold or a fever but this time I have had them both, one after the other. So when I was searching for some warmer clothes in my closet the other day I found this scarf that I completely forgot about.

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I got the scarf from India when on a shopping spree. Originally I bought it because I thought it was pretty and wasn’t too sure how to style it. However when I took it out of the plastic bag the other day, it felt like it was the perfect scarf to layer it in a very chunky way. Have you ever seen those chunky Acne scarves on tumblr? Well it reminded me of that. Except for that mine was relatively cheap haha but after wearing and styling this scarf, it definitely convinced me to have one of those Acne scarves somewhere on my wish list.

What do you think of the scarf?

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Also can I just point out the fact that the last time I went on a holiday I also bought a scarf. Do you remember this post? It is official I am obsessed.


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