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Snowy Sunday


About a week ago we were covered with snow. With everywhere only white-ness to be seen. Although the snow melted away in just a few hours, it still felt like those Christmas vibes were coming back.

IMG_1504 copy

IMG_1508 copy

IMG_1512 copy

With my sleepy head and messy hair I half stood up while still laying in my bed, almost ready to go to the bathroom. The minute that I started to look around me with my half closed eyes, an alarm went through me. My eyes widened and it was like a little child’s excitement rushed through me and I shouted like a crazy person to my sister ‘Omg it is snowing outside! Look!!’. This even made my little brother in the next door room wake up.

And that was basically how we spent our Sunday morning last week. With a cup of tea in our hands and a pretty scenery in front of our eyes.

Doesn’t it just looks lovely?

How do you like to spend your Sunday mornings?

Also I am hoping to post the India posts from New Delhi with you this week which I am very excited about to share with you guys but I have 3 German mock exams this week so I will see how it goes.


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