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January has passed by so quickly. With all my mocks going on throughout the month, it made it quite hard to blog. The funny thing is that I still haven’t posted all of my posts from India yet .

Don’t be mistaken by the Indian clothes that I am wearing as the location is actually in England haha.

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Last weekend I had a ‘Sukhmani Sahib da paath’. The word Sukhmani literally means treasure ‘Mani’ of peace ‘Sukh’. This ‘Bani’ is believed to bring peace to one’s mind and compoundly peace to the world. This set of 192 hymns were compiled by our fifth Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. We ask blessings from god and thank him for blessing us.

On the day I wore my new Indian suit from India with a popular traditional stitch. Lately it has come back into fashion. It is called the ‘Phulkari’ stitch which literally means the flower stitch. The only different thing is that nowadays it is sewed with a machine while in the olden days it used to be done by hand.

After the weekend of course comes Monday Ugh everyone knows what that means. I was feeling the blues again. I think I always feel kinda down after we have a big gathering. I will have to wait till half term till we have another gathering again as I have a wedding coming up so I have something to look forward to.


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