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From feeling blue to cute

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Two outfits in a row now isn’t that an achievement. Lets ignore the fact that the outfit was about a month ago.

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IMG_1534 copy


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How blue this outfit may actually seem, I felt very cute in it because of the simple white lace dress that was underneath my coat. Maybe not so appropriate for the weather and highly inappropriate to take your coat off just to take pictures but how else would you have been able to see my very cute dress.

I love the fact that the dress is so girly and flowy but then it is combined with a much more structured duster coat.

That day we had our pictures again at school. With ‘again’ I mean that we already had our own separate and tutor pictures taken at the beginning of the year. This time we had our year group photos. Therefore the whole of sixth-form got together. The fact that everyone now has a pictures of me…

I have many more outfits from January that need to be posted and hopefully they will be up soon. Until then I hope this outfit gives you enough inspiration.


Coat- New Look
Dress- BHS
Shoes- Office

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