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Delving into the soul

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As creative as I sometimes may be, most of the time I am siting and just doing nothing. Just like 10 min before typing up this post I was trying to think of a ‘creative’ title but I still havn’t managed so just ended up beginning to type up this post. Hopefully when I typed up the rest of the post I will come up with a (creative enough) name and that is what you will see at the top .



Even though I am supposed to revise some german words and I am really hungry (my tummy is rumbling quite bad) I just wanted to sit down and just type up this post.

Art has always been a passion of me. Not just for me, I think that it is for most people. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. It can be as abstract and original as possible. It has always made me feel like I am actually good at something. If one thing that has been my strength (I was even given the name of the creative girl in Primary as well as High school;) it was most definitely art. However when it came to sixth-form something changed. With not being able to choose my actual options since subjects were clashing, I was unable to choose art. The subject for which I actually originally wanted to stay and do sixth-form. How gutted my Art teacher was for me, my situation was far worse. I felt like I was letting this huge chunk of an ingredient that makes me and just leaving it out of the recipe.

For it is the secret that unlocks my mind
a fragment of mankind
without it we are lost in the ways
an ingredient of the human race
it brings out a gift
of which the value is thrift
however I must ally
my envision in the sky
in order to demystify
colossal fusion
which eliminates my vacancy of preclusion

I think that this is one of the most creativist posts that I have ever written. The fact that it includes my art work and poem and just very personal and deep thoughts which were just waiting to be expressed in a poem. Although the poem itself may not make complete sense, this is my art of poems as for me it contains deep meanings which I think can mostly (maybe) only be understood by me. I am just generally loving the fact that all these deep creative feelings which were hidden underneath my soul are suddenly waking up and I am finally understanding that this gift needs to expressed instead of buried inside of me.



I am trying my best to make more time for these pleasures which relax me and just generally define me. Bringing out my greatest qualities and just generally trying them out.
In my resolution post I talked about how I want to do more with art and actually get some time out to do so. I feel like I am on the right tracks and hopefully will not fall of it again.

Talking about water painting, I like experimenting with different art supplies. Wether it be oil pastels, acrylic, water colours, pencils or even just a biro. However to start of this art line, I wanted to start quite simple. Like in all of my paintings, detail is very key to me so if you look carefully in they eye you can actually see the window and my camera in it which you can see in the original pictures as well haha






Hope you liked this post. There was more art work as well but I haven’t shown you everything but may do in my next post or something. I will keep you up to date with my art work once a while.


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