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Delhi Gurdwaras

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Tuesday the 22nd of December, the day that we went to New Delhi. I still remember that night as one of the most nervous nights yet. I was so excited as this was one of the main highlights of going to India.

We didn’t sleep that night before at all. Since we were travelling in a not so very comfortable bus (which I didn’t take any pictures of but now I wish I did). Our journey started the day before when we left our village at 11pm. The next day we arrived at 7am. We obviously did have breaks throughout with some of us having aloo Paratha (potato stuffed bread) at 4am?! That was way to heavy to have for breakfast but since we were in India what else can you eat than their breakfast speciality. Unfortunately a toast and a cup of white tea with a pinch of suger wasn’t on their menu (this is why you say ‘home sweet home’ after a long journey).

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My little brother still has the tag attached to his bag from Air india haha

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Our journey started with visiting Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, where Siri Guru Tegh Bhader ji was beheaded due to him refusing to confront to Islam. It again has a beautiful story attached to it. I definitely felt a gravity pull to the Gurdwaras in Delhi. This Gurdwara was especially beautiful as it was still kept in it’s historic state and the most graceful element of the Gurdwara was the Kirtan. With Kirtan class atending myself as well it just made me happy that hopefully with Guruji’s blessing I will be able to play Kirtan the same way as well someday. There will be a video on my youtube channel hopefully this Sunday and then you can hear the beautiful and peaceful kirtan that was played at the Gurdwara as well.

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Then we went to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib ji, where Siri Guru Har Krishan ji stayed. It was a bungalow at first hence the name, with a sarovar ( small pool ) which still exists. From the pool Guruji gave aid to the people who were suffering from the outbreak of smallpox.

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Last but not least the third Gurdwara which seemed so much quieter than the other two. Although here there was beautiful kirtan being played as well. When Guru Tegh Bhadar ji was beheaded, the Mughal (muslim emperor) at the time didn’t allow Guruji’s body to be cremated. However one brave Sikh rescued Guruji’s body and laid the body on a bed in his house and set fire to the house in order to cremate Guruji’s body.

These beautiful stories make me pull to Sikhism even more. It is such a peaceful religion. I am still in my stages and on a path to somewhere haha.

I am still in the process of editing my Taj Mahal post and hopefully it should be on the way pretty soon!

Till then xxxJazz

p.s Enjoy pancake day I know I will!

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