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Stripy days

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Stripes always seem to be in whichever season it is. They are so easy to style and just give the vibes of ‘casual-ness’ of. Especially upcoming Spring funky 70s style stripes will be the new trend. On pyjama trousers, shirts or tops. They will be everywhere but till then lets just stick to these simple black and white stripes.

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I can’t wait to extend my wardrobe to more stripes. I literally only have like 3 pieces and one of them was added only just over the weekend haha. So I am on the look out for more stripey ness. However I do like to play around with it. You know like with the colours and shapes. I even started to draw out a few sketches in my sketchbook for the upcoming season. I like to draw or outline sketches for upcoming season, it almost feels like I am designing a collection or something haha

The skirt that I am wearing has this scallop kind of detail at the bottom which i totally love also the reason of course why I bought it. Since we have to wear smart at school I don’t want to just wear a boring old pencil skirt you know.

Have you been on the lookout for the upcoming season?


Top- River Island
Skirt- ASOS
Shoes- Clarks

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