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Today’s outfit post is seriously giving off the vibes of January blues (since the outfit pictures were actually taken in January…) It was that typical winter day. With no snow tho, instead it was rainy and incredibly windy.

I was actually started to think that the sunny days are finally coming but then the weather again reminded me that England’s weather can never be trusted. Even my outfit gives off the vibes of cold and dark days. Since I have done a bit more Spring shopping my wardrobe is so much more colourful now. It also gave me the spirit of finally dressing up with a bit more colour now. Of course there is still a lot of black and white going on in my outfits but some new refreshing trends from Spring such as the trend of colourful stripes does add just that touch to your outfit which says, ‘yes I am so ready for Spring right now’.

Now that Spring is almost on the way, the flower power trend has started to kick in as well. I am that kind of person that will fully take advantage of anything flowery. Since my flower crowns have now been waiting to be used for 6 months now I can’t wait to wear them. So just about when the tiniest ray of sun will come out of those dark clouds, I will be in flower power mode haha.

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Check out what the British weather does to my hair. I actually remember why I shot this outfit that day, firstly because I wanted to take some cool pictures with the wind but was unsuccessful and secondly because I liked the contrast between my bright nails and dull coloured outfit.

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Which trends are you currently loving from the Spring season?


Shirt- Dorothy Perkins
Skirt- Primark
Shoes- Office
Shawl- India

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