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Taj Mahal

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I still have so many pictures from India to share with you guys. Today I thought I will share some of the Taj Mahal pictures that I took upon our visit. It was a magical and a very interesting place to visit as it has so much history attached to it but also the architecture was just incredibly beautiful.

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Our ride to the Taj Mahal and if you watched this video then you probably remember how scared we were haha.

The fact that everything was made at a time when machinery wasn’t even discovered yet, makes this place even more special. Since everything was made literally by hand. This of course must have taken years to completely make it to it’s perfection. Do you see the pillars at the top? If you count them they are 22, because it took them 22 incredible long years to complete the Taj Mahal.


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My young brother acting cool and all with my glasses haha

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IMG_0607 copyIMG_0617 copyWatching the sun set at the Taj Mahal : Best thing ever!

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How beautiful is this! It makes it even more fascinating to look at as it is made by hand.

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These 4 towers on each side were build 5 degrees (or something like this I am not so sure now) outwards so if an earthquake was to take place then at least they will not fall on the actual Taj Mahal.

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I think that one of the most fascinating things that I found of the Taj Mahal was, the story behind the gem stones as every gem was from all around the world. This included countries such as Iraq or even Belgium. How cool is that? At that time it must have cost a fortune. Also do you see the orange gems? They took 8 years to be engraved because they could only be engraved during the full moon and since the full moon only takes place once a month, this of course took a long time.

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When you enter the gates to enter this massive garden where the Taj Mahal is, it’s not just an ordinary gate as that is the gate to heaven and the massive symmetrical garden (including the Taj Mahal) is in this ‘heaven’. The gardens are an image of the way heaven is described in the Quran, since Sha Jahan was a Muslim .

Also a funny fact Sha Jahan had 2 other wives as well, of whom the graves were outside of the ‘heaven’.

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Across the river Yamuna which is the second largest river of India. Sha Jahan wanted to make a black Taj Mahal for himself. However his son, Aurangzeb did not allow this as it already cost a fortune to build the Taj Mahal. Therefore they went against each other in a battle in which Aurangzeb won so Sha Jan was given house arrest where he died 8 years later.

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The only thing that is not symmetrical in the garden are the coffins of Sha Jahan and Mumtaz in which Sha Jan requested to be buried next to her. His grave is bigger than hers tho.

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The gardens also included fruit treas. They were planted 2m into the grounds so if someone was walking around the gardens they could easily just eat a fruit. This contributes to the fact that it was a heaven and therefore the water, gardens and fruits were seen as a pleasure. Also the fact that the fruit would be very easy to grab which was an analogy of how easy and peaceful life would be in heaven. However when the British came over they didn’t allow to take good care of the trees so when you go to the Taj Mahal now they are fully outgrown. Also at the top of the Taj Mahal there used to be a golden pike-kind-of-thing. However the British removed it and changed it to a copper one.

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Most of the builders were muslim so there is also a mosque build next to the Taj Mahal. It would have taken them 27 years to build the Taj Mahal if the mosque wasn’t build as muslims pray 5 times a day.

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It was so fascinating to listen to these stories! Literally it just amazed me how someone could love someone so much.

At least now I can tick Taj Mahal off my list 😉 1 of the seven wonders done.


Which bit did you find the most interesting?

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