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What I ate today #2

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Although this what I ate today, as this day only started for me hehe. It was what I ate on Tuesday. Lately I have been really into food photography. You know when you have random phases of photography. So I thought I will just do a blogpost about what I eat on a random day and that way I can even share some of the pretty pictures. Just to point out this is literally what I eat on a day as I did not suddenly think omg I have to eat something healthy or show that I don’t eat a lot on a day. No nothing like that. 

I remember having late breakfast on that day as my mum wanted to make this ‘special’ indian tea with an special ingredient (which I do not know what is called in English) in it. It was supposed to help me with my sore throat which I have been having since Sunday now. I did not take any pictures of just a cup of tea and a toast. I am not that obsessed with food photography (yet) haha.

I seriously love the Warburtons seeded bread. Literally I could have it every single day. Normally I do try to vary my breakfast around. Like I like to add some sort of fruit with maple syrup on it but I was not feeling that well so just sticked with a simple cuppa and a toast.

After having breakfast at 09:30 , I soon was hungry again and had a quick snack which was an apple at 11.20 . I was very hungry at that moment but my mum, cousin and me were going somewhere and I quickly had to grab something to eat before we went. After returning at 12.15 I seriously needed to have some kind of food as I was so hungry so me and my cousin had some left over cake from the day before.

I baked an eggless chocolate cake on Monday which was super tasty. Of course we could not resist some cream with it!


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After the very overly delicious cake we decided to have some real food (also because I was still very hungry). The day before me and my mum went to Sainsbury and I got these mini versions of french bread. They were seriously so nice. I had my usual which was sambal (my dad always gets this from Holland and it is seriously so nice!), cheese, tomato slices and then ketchup. I love this combo. It has always been one of my favourites. Then just about when I was to make myself another one my mum had the last one. So I just decided to make half a slice of Warburtons bread with cheese, cucumber, lettuce, mayo and ketchup in it. This was pretty much my lunch. I am not very fund of drinking anything so didn’t really drink anything.

IMG_0404_2 copy

IMG_0407_1 copy

Then at about 17.30 my mum made us both and my grandpa some tea. Since I didn’t have anything to drink at lunch time I decided to have a cuppa as well.

IMG_0118_4 copy

Since we had late tea, dinner was a bit late as well. I think I had my dinner at 18.50 . I did not take any pictures as indian food is not one of the most appealing things to take pictures of although it is very yummy haha. Oh and at 18.30 I had a mini snack , 1  of Cadbury’s mini chocolate rolls as I was feeling quite peckish.

For dinner my mum had made kaddu ki sabzi. Luckily I found some prettier pictures on the internet. With this I had two mini chapatis and some yoghurt. Then I had a glass of water and as a mini dessert not cake (as it was finished at lunch time hehe) but a handful of grapes.

This was what I ate on a normal day at home as I have easter holidays till next week yaay. To end this post off I have an overly tasty picture of a slice of cake, of which the cream is falling off…

IMG_0389_1 copy


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