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Darker Days

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I have always had this thing for sun photography. Whether it involves only the sun in it or an actual person in the photograph. Even when we go to India (just about every year), one of the most exciting things that I look forward to is the sun. There is just something very beautiful about the sun in India, but in todays post I had a photoshoot with England’s sun 😉

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I remember this day very well, I just came back from school and was about to run upstairs to my room when I saw these sun rays just under stairs and I was like ‘I have to take pictures right now’ so I dropped all of my stuff in my room and quickly picked up my camera to shoot some incredible photographs.

Ironically the post is called darker days for a reason as the sun doesn’t always shine on everyone. About a week ago my grandma was admitted to the hospital and is still recovering. Since then it feels like the whole house has been quite down. However I know that whatever Waheguru will do, he will do best.

Also exam season is just around the corner. As soon as the easter holidays are over that is it. Stress and everything else that comes in that package will be shining on everyone’s faces. I will still try to take some time out and post something once in a while as working your but off for 24/7 without any breaks is also not the way out. I seriously can’t wait till summer now as me and my cousin have also started planning out what we will be doing this summer. However I am not revealing anything just yet hehe.

What are you up to this Summer and do you have any exams to look forward to?


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