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Delicate purchases

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A while ago I went Spring shopping (you know before all the exam stress came about) and I bought some cute bits and pieces. Today I wanted to show some of the Jewellery that I bought.

The fact that gold jewellery is a must have for spring and summer is just one of the things that I bet, you know already. Of course it is quite glamorous for a Christmas party but it is still something I rather wear in the summer. Especially when the sun rays reflect the light from the jewellery. Those bright glances of light is so Tumblr and therefore definitely worth taking photographs of.

Apart from my Indian roots which basically means that gold just runs in this culture, I prefer gold over silver. Indians just have something for gold and would just wear real gold on every day bases. I wouldn’t tho, to risky man haha.

IMG_0205_1 copy

Both items that I bought were from H&M and I think that they were the new collection. The first thing that caught my eye was this dream catcher ring. They also had a necklace to go with it which my cousin ended up buying, but just look at the ring it is so pretty and very different than the usual rings that I buy.

Click here to check out the dream catcher necklace.

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I already have a delicate type of silver necklace so thought about maybe adding a gold one to my collection as well. I do have to say styling necklaces is one of the things that I don’t find the easiest. Probably because at school we have a dress code of smart clothing which just restricts certain type of clothing unfortunately but would just go perfect with these type of necklaces.

I couldn’t find this necklace and the ring on the H&M website so couldn’t provide the link. Sorry about that.

Would you rather buy the dream catcher necklace or the ring?


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