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3 Healthy breakfasts

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When it comes to breakfasts I am very specific about them. They are my favourite meal of the day and I don’t think that I have written about any other meal more than breakfast. I think that it is also the only time of the day when I eat something healthy haha.

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Whenever I feel like eating something healthy in the morning but I am running late, then this is most probably what I will end up eating. I seriously love toasted bread. However to make it a bit more interesting I like to add an apple and some maple syrup to it. The crunchy toast combined with some sweet apple and maple syrup is just de-li-cious. You can also try honey but I just prefer maple syrup.

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This is probably one of my most eaten breakfasts’. A year ago I even wrote a blogpost about it. It is a fruity and nutty layered breakfast. It includes a layer of Original Special K cereals which just forms the base. Then I just add a layer of yoghurt and a variety of nuts. This includes hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and cashews. To finish it off I of course add a layer of fruit as well and this would probably be whatever we have at home at that present moment. Strawberries, bananas, apples, blueberries or even raspberries. I have also recently discovered these roasted seeds which I then also sprinkle over my breakfast as a finishing touch.

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Last but no least this was something that I recently tried out when I saw it on someone’s Instagram. It was supposed to be vegan but I didn’t have any almond milk at home at that time so I just used ‘normal’ milk but you can always replace it of course. To make this you need to mix 1 banana, a cup of oats and then the milk. Then just flip and cook it like any normal pancake. I topped it off with some pre-chopped hazelnuts and Nutella hehe. I would have added some type of berry fruit to it but we didn’t have anything at home at that day (we seriously needed to go shopping haha).

Which breakfast would you like to try out?


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