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Sun Flare

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Those sunny days that instantly bright up your day. Even though you are stuck inside doing revision. When the sun spreads its rays through the window onto your work, that is when you know that the sun is calling you out. It is awakening you from your darkest state with its sun flare.

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It has been awfully quiet on here recently because it is that time of the year again that we all know off:


I did not want to make it one of those very depressing posts in which I discuss how exams mentally damage your brain through stress. Instead I wanted to discuss my pretty awesome pants haha. At first when I was going to buy them, I was like, would I be able to style them or is it even my thing but I still ended up buying them as I thought of it as a challenge and personally I think that I have won the challenge by giving it the complete 60/70s yet modern look. What do you think ?

Most of the time I have been sitting inside you know doing the usual revision so when you go out and just to take some outfit pictures, it just really excited me haha (this is what you get when you lock yourself up in your room while you see your younger siblings playing around in the very nice weather). Something else that makes me very happy as well is to find a place in the house where the sun rays are falling through the window on you. That just really calms me and what that is what I have been doing the past few days whenever I need a 5 min break from revision (and life haha).

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Top- River Island
Shirt- Primark
Trousers- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Office
Sunglasses- Dorothy Perkins


IMG_0122_4 copy

How would you style flared jeans?


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